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Ok Baltimorians, it is time to kick your gas guzzling habits.


Many of you have already started:
An August 2008 Baltimore Sun article states that according to AAA the drop in driving began as gas prices rose.  The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) says that ridership is up on every service it offers. *

*Foot off the gas pedal: As fuel prices stay high, people are driving less
By Michael Dresser and Rona Kobell, Baltimore Sun, August 14, 2008


So grab your belongings and hop on!


For those of you who have never used MTA services, here are some tips:

-The one trip fare for bus, lightrail and subway is $1.60.
-A Day Pass is $3.50 and can be used all day for any trip on the bus, light rail or subway.
-The bus requires exact change, so have your coins handy.
-If you are riding the bus and paying cash, step to the back of the line, so those with passes can get on quickly.
-If you buy a one trip fare on the bus, insert your money and sit down.
-If you purchase a day pass, insert $3.50 and wait for the machine to print your pass.
-To exit the bus, touch the yellow strip to request a stop.
-Most buses operate on a 10-20 minute schedule.
-For light rail tickets, pay at any light rail stop and get on the train.  An official on the train may or may not check for your ticket.
-The light rail stops at each station.
-The light rail comes every 10-15 minutes, depending on your location.
-Don’t spread out your belongings to keep someone from sitting next to you.
-It is unlawful to eat, drink, smoke or listen to loud music on MTA services.

To find a bus, look on the map for the route number and then its schedule.
Downtown Baltimore Bus Map (PDF Version)
Regional Baltimore Bus Map (PDF Version)

Bus Schedules:

For more MTA services CLICK HERE.

Help To Make A Greener Baltimore:
Walk to Work
Use Public Transportation
Switch to Windpower
Reduce Your Waste
Request a Tree Planting
Recycle - Everything
Buy Less Plastic
Support Local Business
MTA Goes Hybrid Baltimore Public Transportation Statistic

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